Major Conferences To Attend as a Student in Tech — How to Expand your Network and Kickstart your Career

As a technology student it is relevant to attend conferences, hackathons and career fairs as these would help your connections and further your future aspirations. In addition, it exposes you to different companies you might not be aware of. It also exposes you to organizational scholarships and opportunities you didn’t know existed. As a student I attended some of these conferences which helped me gain more experience.

Conferences are the best places to not just build connections, but also to have interviews. The advantage of being interviewed at conferences is that you tend to bypass the five stages of the interview process. Usually during tech interviews there are about two behavioral stages and about three technical stages. However if you interview at a conference, a career fair or even at a Hackathon these 5 to 6 stages get broken down to three stages. In addition the questions that you get asked would not be as tough as it would be if you were following the standard process. Therefore as an international student (and a student in tech), it is imperative that you attend as many conferences, career fairs and hackathons as possible. It is an opportunity to meet people of liked minds it is also an opportunity to increase your network.

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