Financial Moves to Make within The First Year of Arriving USA as a Foreign Student

Being an international student in a foreign country is hard. Trust me, I know. When you travel to a new country, especially as a teenager or young adult, you have almost no guidance. Sometimes, you might not be mature or strong enough to deal with the emotional trauma of being away from family, and navigating the adult world yourself. I arrived in the United States when I had just become a legal adult and I did not have any family here. Granted, my sister’s in-laws (My sister’s husband’s siblings) were here, and my mum’s cousin, about 6 times removed (or even more) was here. These were not my real family, as they owed me nothing and I was literally on my own.

I was in college, but I was not taught the basic things to do/apply for once you become legal. I had to navigate, make mistakes and learn from other people’s mistakes too. Although these tips are for everyone, I think they are more valuable to international students because they almost always have no back up. There is no family to fall back to if ‘shit hits the fan.’ These are some of the things every legal foreign student should do once they get to the United States.

As an international student, what are some things you did within a year of arriving in the United States? Which of these tips have you found helpful? Let me know in the comments.

Are you interested in studying in the United States, or are you an incoming freshman in a US college? Do you love stories on financial growth or fiction? Be sure to check out my Instagram, YouTube and website where I document my experiences.



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